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Therapeutic Tourism

Natural Therapy in Egypt

Egypt has been gifted with hundreds of mineral water springs , differing in depth, width and temperatures (between 30 to 73 degrees Celsius).

Scientific research has proved that the water of these wells and springs includes a considerable amount of dissolved minerals which have a great effect in the treatment of some incurable diseases - minerals such as Sodium and Calcium and some elements such as Iron and Magnesium.


The sand of Egypt is as rich as its water. Scientific research has proved that the sand of Egypt contains amounts of some radioactive materials suitable for the treatment of some diseases. The method of burying diseased parts of the body in hot sand for a certain period of time brings about valuable results in some diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid and other incurable diseases. The black sand is useful in curing acute and chronic arthritis, joint edema, joint effusion and skin inflammation.

Thalasso Therapy is the treatment for health and well being. The medicinal proprieties of the seawater have been acknowledge for many centuries. Some 2500 years ago Euripides wrote "The sea can cure the diseases of mankind" . Thalasso therapy is the term used to describe the simultaneous use of both seawater and sea air for preventative or curative purposes. Seawater has very positive effects on health. It contains the entire main elements and minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium ions, which are absorbed by the skin and needed to ensure cell growth. The dry, moderate climate and all year round sunshine make the Red Sea area the best place in the world for complete Thalasso therapy.

In The Red Sea area, South Sinai and the Oases in the Western Desert many Resorts and Spas have been built to offer the best Climato therapy and Thalasso therapy. They also offer incentives and elite tourism.